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Dog playing in wooded area

Enjoying Aspen with your Dog

Welcome to Aspen - a great place for dogs! By following the rules and obeying signage you will help keep Aspen a dog friendly town. Aspen’s dog friendly atmosphere is a delicate balance that depends on responsible dog ownership, including use of leashes and picking up after your pet. Use this as a reference to help you be on top of your game as a dog owner. Happy Tails!

As you travel about town, your pet must be leashed.

Ticketable offenses:

  • Dog at Large (Off Leash)
  • Uncollected Pet Waste

Areas for watchful off-leash play with your pet:

  • Rio Grande Park
  • Wagner Park
  • Smuggler Mountain Road
  • Marolt Open Space. (Roundabout pond encouraged for swimming dogs)

Dogs are strictly prohibited at:

  • City of Aspen Golf Course
  • Cozy Point Ranch
  • North Star Open Space
  • Maroon Creek Wetlands

Leash law is strictly enforced in the following areas:

  • Downtown (Including Ped. Mall)
  • Herron Park (Wading Pool Included)
  • Hunter Creek Trail
  • Rio Grande Trail
  • Jennie Adair Wetlands
  • Marolt Wetlands (Near Housing)
  • Playing Fields at School Campus and Aspen Recreation Center

Questions or concerns, please call 970-920-5120