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MondayDrew: 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Active membership or punch pass.

Description & Other Info


Classes will takes place on the Red Brick Lawn.

Classes of up to 10 participants will only be allowed.

Participants would arrive at scheduled time and check in with staff.

Participants will not be allowed to congregate before or after class.

Enrollment of classes:

Participants will be required to reserve a spot on the sign-up genius website site.  Please click the register now under each class description.

  • If you need to cancel class registration please email If a spot is reserved and participant fails to cancel and no shows we will still take a punch off the pass, if this happens more than three times participant will not be allowed to reserve spots. With limited spots and classes please be respectful of others that may want to take the classes. 

NO CASH OR DROP IN transactions will be allowed. Participants must purchase a punch pass or have a COVID-19 10 PUNCH PASS or an active membership.

Instructors will take attendance, and given to recreation staff who will check in each participant to confirm payment.

Intensify cleaning and disinfection efforts:

Participants need to bring their own water bottles and yoga mat for yoga class, no direct use of facility and equipment will be allowed.

Classes will be no contact. Instructor would instruct from the 6 ft away with the assist of a microphone if needed. 

Hand washing stations and hand sanitizer will be accessible to staff and participants.

Face Mask are required to be worn until the instructor starts the class and then participants would take them off during class. Once class is over participants would be asked to place them back on.

Illness assessment and temperature:

Participants showing signs will not be allowed to participate in the class.