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    Register your rider under Firsties if your child has never been on a horse, or only been on guided trail rides. This section is for riders 7-18 years old and will be grouped by age the day of camp.

    Firsties will have dedicated time each day to really growing skills in the basics of riding – catching their horses, safety knots, thorough and safe grooming, how to saddle, and of course a dedicate riding lesson. Firsties will enjoy a second riding experience each day either vaulting or riding bareback to round out their riding experience.
    Register your rider here if your child has been to horse camp but does not ride during the school year, OR if your child is just learning to jump. This section is for riders 7-18 years old and will be grouped by exact skill level once determined by our Director.

    Sophomores are riders can walk/trot/canter and who can catch their horse, groom and saddle. This group will solidify their horsemanship fundamentals and grow their knowledge learning to bridle, polo wrap, basic veterinary care and such. Sophomores will enjoy a riding lesson in the big outdoor arena and will work towards learning how to jump a small course. They will round out their day with a second riding experience of vaulting, bareback or a short hack around the ranch.
    Register your rider here if your child regularly competes in horse shows. Riders in this section must have their own horse or lease one of our available show circuit horses. Riders in this section will focus on all aspects of horse showing from learning to do show braids, polish boots, and of course how to advance and compete in the various show circuits. Show Campers will enjoy a regular lesson and a second riding opportunity of a hack out or bareback ride.

    We will be competing in local schooling shows as well as Premier Shows at the Colorado Horse Park and the new Santa Fe HIPICO venue. Riders are not required to show, but are strongly encouraged to. The Director will consult with each individual family on exact shows to attend. . .

Additional Camp Cozy Point Info

Camp Cozy Point focuses on cultivating confident and responsible riders with a foundation in basic horsemanship. Our campers gain a well-rounded education on and off the horse in skill specific group riding lessons and in the barn — learning basic veterinary care and general care for the horses and equipment.

Rental/Reservation Info

We are excited to grow our program to continue to excite first time riders and to challenge experienced horse show competitors.  We are modifying our daily program mildly to offer more riding opportunities to every rider and even more depth to the learning and fun for each level. Click here for camp information.