Stormwater Improvements

Type: Improvement Project
Location: Rio Grande Park
Rio Grande Stormwater Improvement Rendering

Improvement Project Details

This table shows the department monitoring data collected at the Recycle Center Vault Outfall over the past month and a half worth of runoff events.

Water Runoff Data

Sample DateSample TimeEvent Type Event DateEvent TimeAir TemperatureWater TemperaturepHNotesTSS (milligram/l)
April 25, 201110:26Rain / SnowApril 24, 2011153441.38.19Street Washing taking place1035
April 29, 201116:06Rain/SnowApril 29, 201111:303743.27.56N/A244
May 9, 201116:03RainMay 9, 2011154249.97.42N/A220
May 19, 201111:49SnowMay 19, 20119:303742.88.32Vault Cleaned May 201151
May 24, 201112:12RainMay 24, 201110:454445.38.41High Flow, Rained Night Before104
June 6, 201114:14SnowmeltJune 6, 2011N/A77428.08109

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