Freddie Fischer Park Management Plan

Type: Management Plan

Management Plan Details

Property Description
Freddie Fischer Park is a 0.42 acres parcel with in the city limits owned by Aspen Valley Land Trust and managed by the City of Aspen Open Space and Parks Department under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Freddie Fischer Park was donated to Aspen Valley Land Trust in 1967 by Fritz and Fabienne Benedict. The City of Aspen officially took over management of the park in 1972 and has managed it since. The city installed a free water tap in 1973. The park was named for a colorful local character, Freddie Fischer, who was a musician, fix-it man and symbol of Aspen for many years.

The City installed a water tap for irrigation purposes and a split rail fence.

The property is not legally restricted but is very steep, narrow and small, making it suitable only for a passive park. It’s location along the Roaring Fork River make it appropriate for fishing access and other passive uses.

Management Objectives
The City of Aspen maintains and manages Freddie Fischer Park according to the following restrictions:

  • Open to public access
  • No paved trails
  • No camping or campfires
  • Dogs allowed only on leash
  • Weeds and non-native invasive plants wil lbe managed according to the terms of the City of Aspen weed management plan.
  • No structures are allowed
  • The park will be patrolled by City of Aspen parks staff for dogs on-leash enforcement and litter enforcement
  • Other restrictions as may be required by the City of Aspen

Biological Resources
Freddie Fischer Park is a small landscaped area with grass and cottonwoods, located along the Roaring Fork River, near the center of Aspen. The riverside area and trees provide some cover for wildlife but the surrounding areas either roads or heavily developed residential areas. The park is most valuable for its access to the river and open space in a congested area.