Cozy Point Management Plan

In Progress
Type: Management Plan
Location: Cozy Point

Management Plan Details

The vision for Cozy Point Ranch has emerged out of its long and rich history, beginning with the original homestead in 1890. Today it is a 168-acre City of Aspen open space property where lessees run a public equestrian operation and a farm and garden learning center, with areas of wildlife habitat, a public archery range, and historic buildings and agricultural activities. This authentic, working landscape, located at the intersection of Highway 82 and Brush Creek Road, is the gateway to the communities of Aspen and Snowmass. 

With its historic red barn and pastoral land, the Cozy Point Ranch is an iconic vista that has benefited residents and visitors to the area for decades. The ranch was purchased by the City in 1994 in order to preserving its ranching heritage by utilizing historically agricultural lands and equestrian facilities, as well as protecting important natural landscapes such as native mountain shrublands, pinyon-juniper woodlands, shale badlands, and riparian ecosystems.

A vision for the property first came into focus during a special work session conducted on the site in 2014 by ranch manager at the time, Monroe Summers, for Aspen City Council and City of Aspen Open Space and Trails Board members. Monroe inspired and captivated Council and Board members with the role the property played in the community, as well as his passionate and forward-thinking ideas about future possibilities for expanding and deepening that role, making the ranch a truly unique and valuable public amenity. When Monroe passed away only a few months later, the City stepped in to directly manage the property and lessees, and the need for developing a formal management plan came to the forefront. The plan was developed from the original vision set forth by Monroe and enhanced through research and public input.