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Covid-19 Protocol Update for the Aspen Recreation Dept Facilities

Dear City of Aspen Recreation Facilities Users,

We are working hard as an organization to keep our recreation facilities safe and open to the public and all user groups. A recent spike in Covid-19 cases has caused us to ramp up both our enforcement and education efforts in a supportive and positive manner. We look to you as valued partners to work with us to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission in all of our facilities. No one single individual can halt the spread of this virus alone, but together we can make progress. We’ve seen case numbers in Pitkin County get significantly reduced due to mask use, social distancing, and vaccinations.
We at the City are leaning into our values of partnership, stewardship, service, and innovation to keep the ARC, Aspen Ice Garden, and Red Brick Gym open. Please join us in this effort.

Pitkin County has a MANDATORY indoor mask rule. We continue to work with the County to enforce this rule. We are partners in the overall effort to keep our community safe and keep business open. We recommend all visitors to our facilities get vaccinated and obtain boosters if eligible. Please, bring and wear your mask in partnership with us. Masks must be worn on the ice, on the climbing wall, in the locker rooms, and in the stands.

We have moved to electronic whistles for referees for all of our programs. We are hiring enforcement agents to help our team ensure compliance and allow our staff more time to focus on their regular job duties. We are asking every organization to provide volunteers that will act as the enforcement agents during programs like youth hockey games, skating competitions, and swim meets.

We are increasing our enforcement of the mask rule. We have adopted a no-tolerance policy. If you are in one of our facilities and not wearing a mask, we will ask you to leave. If we do not get compliance from our guests, we will have to shut down programs or amenities impacted by those not following the rules. Events for more than 50 participants will require 100% vaccination or negative results from a Covid-19 test. We will not allow more than 50 spectators at any event.

We are committed to providing all guests with disposable masks at no charge if they do not have one. We will also sell hockey-specific masks for $10. You will see our fitness instructors wearing masks while teaching their classes.

Again, we are here to serve you while also working hard to keep the community safe and our facilities open.

If you have questions, please contact,
Cory Vander Veen, City of Aspen Recreation Director 970-544-4104 |

Mitzi Rapkin, City of Aspen Communication Manager 970-920-5082 |

Kurt Dahl, Pitkin County COVID health team 970-920-5438