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Regulations for City of Aspen Open Space Parcels:

•    Hours of operation are from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise noted.
•    Operation of motorized vehicle is prohibited except for maintenance or authorized use.
•    Recreational activities are limited to specific sites.
•    Keep noise and activity to a minimum.
•    Dogs are prohibited, unless otherwise noted, and leashes are required at all times.
•    Hunting, camping, and equestrian use is prohibited.
•    Damaging or removal of open space property or natural features including, but not limited to: wildflowers, rocks, wildlife, trees, etc., is prohibited.
•    It is prohibited to disturb or harass any wildlife or wildlife habitat.
•    Fishing is allowed in designated areas only.
•    It is unlawful to engage in any activity within or upon a natural area, or portion of the area when a sign has been posted for the protection of wild animals.

Please review the Dogs in Aspen document for leash laws and more.

Natural Open Space is important to everyone. To help us better understand your opinions, please provide us with feedback by filling in the information in our online survey.

Contact Open Space Ranger, Brian Long or call 970.319.0536.

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