News & Updates  6th Place in the CPRA Lifeguard Games

6th Place in the CPRA Lifeguard Games

July 17, 2018
6th Place in the CPRA Lifeguard Games

The Aspen Recreation Center Lifeguard Staff comes in 6th Place in the 2018 CPRA Lifeguard Games!

Hundreds of lifeguards from all over Colorado came together to compete in the 33rd Annual Colorado Parks & Recreation Association Lifeguard Games in Denver, CO on July 8th. “The mission of CPRA Lifeguard Games was to create an opportunity for the lifeguards across the state to demonstrate their skills, teamwork, and unique abilities while engaging in a fun and competitive day of events.”1

The Aspen Recreation Center sent a team of six lifeguards and one volunteer to compete and they came in on top. The ARC Staff came in 6th Place. 6th place of 36 teams and 450 individual lifeguards. We had the smallest team in the competition.

Great Job Team! 

1CPRA Games Flyer