Tree Removal Info

The tree removal permitting process is now conducted entirely online. In order to receive a tree removal permit within the City of Aspen limits, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Request your login credentials by sending an email to:

  2. Once you have received your credentials in step 1 above, please login here to complete your tree removal permit request and pay the associated fees by credit card. 

  3. Note: The application fee is waived for dead or diseased trees.

  4. The City Forester, or his designee, will complete a site visit to establish the value of the trees, based on health, size, planting location, and other criteria. Mitigation may be made in one or more ways:

    • Replace the same value in trees back on the site,

    • Pay the value as cash-in-lieu to the City, or

    • A combination of the above.

These funds are then used to purchase new trees and maintain existing trees within the City of Aspen's Parks and right-of-ways.

Please note that the value of new landscaping is only for trees and is based on the cost of the plant material, delivery and installation.

For more information, please contact the City Forester, David Coon at (970) 429-2031.