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ARC 100 Day Workout Challenge is Complete!

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Welcome to off-season; where the local community enjoys a few weeks of down time and those that achieved the coveted 100 day pin, high five each other. The Aspen Rec Center is still open for business and continues to provide locals with a place to exercise when that inevitable Spring storm warning rears its ugly head!
The ARC had its own 100 day workout challenge this winter (100 days of working out between Nov 24th and Apr 30th) and 4 members hit their numbers. With only 158 days to achieve this goal, that means working out for at least 2/3's of the winter. How many squats can one do throughout winter, how many miles in the pool is that. Whatever it is, it's a great achievement that should be celebrated as much as the impending summer!
Stay tuned for more summer challenges in the coming months.