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100 Day Challenge

Published in Category Rec Centers & Facility Info on the by Admin Account

Whilst most people are focused on the winter challenge of skiing 100 days, Mark Goodman has accomplished a feat that not many people will this winter. He has earned his 100 day workout pin. That's 100 days of working out since Thanksgiving.

This may sound easy but on those dark, early mornings in the middle of winter, this is no easy achievement! As most people can attest, some mornings it's just easier to stay in bed but Mark has been consistent in his workouts and earned his pin to show for it.

There are a few more people on track to earn their 100 day workout pin this winter and with over a month and a half to go, it's still within sights. If you think you qualify for a 100 day workout pin, come and see us at the ARC front desk.

The 100 day workout challenge was a introduced at the Aspen Recreation Center last year, in conjunction with the Black Friday pass which goes on sale over Thanksgiving. The challenge is to workout for 100 days between November 23rd and April 30th.

Great Job!

Keep your eye out for the next ARC workout challenge, coming in the summer.