Swimming Level 4 - March

This Lesson is not currently active; it starts on March 7, 2020.

General Info

Ages › Youth (5 and up)
Dates › March 7 – March 28


Saturdays › 9:30am - 10:15am


Class Fee › $42 ($40 Online)
Registration Deadline › February 29th

Description & Other Info

This class meets on Saturday mornings.

Level 4 class helps students improve their swimming strokes. Students will become efficient at rotary breathing (breathing to the side) during the front crawl. They will also continue to learn breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and develop diving skills. Students will practice distance swimming, starting with 25 yards of each stroke. 

Due to staffing concerns, we do not allow drop-ins for any of our group or private swim lessons.

 If necessary, we are able to give a brief swim evaluation Prior to the start of the class to determine your child's ability level.

Parents are welcome to observe swim lessons from the deck on the first and last days of each session. All other times, parents may only observe from the grassy area or the lobby.

The Aspen Recreation Center Reserves The Right To Cancel Or Modify Classes Due To Insufficient Registration. There Must Be A Minimum Of 2 Students Registered For The Class By The Registration Deadline In Order To Hold The Class. A Full Refund Will Be Issued If A Program Is Cancelled.