Beginner Aerial Silks

This Class is not currently active; it ended on March 21, 2020.

General Info

Ages › Adult (Ages 15 and Up)
Dates › March 14 – March 21


SaturdaysAriana: 5:30pm - 6:30pm



Description & Other Info

Aerial Silks (also called Aerial Fabric or Aerial Tissu) is a beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that builds upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, and coordination. This class is available for all levels and is designed to teach and safely build the foundations of aerial fabric training. Students will learn basic climbs, foot locks, hip keys, and sequences starting low to the ground on aerial fabric. These classes are small and specific, with individual coaching and attention to detail.

Higher-level classes will begin in June! Until then Ariana is available for privates and semi-privates.  

Prerequisites for both classes:

•Positive attitude

•Interest in classes

•Willingness to learn and receive direction and critique

•Active participation in building skills, strength, and vocabulary

•Safety awareness.