All Day Art Camp

General Info

Ages › Youth (Kindergarten to 4th Grade)


Camp Cost › $60 per day


Red Brick Center for the arts
Phone › 970-429-2777


On select days during the school year, The Red Brick Center for the Arts offers full day art camp (9am-4pm) to elementary students age 5 1/2 - 10 years old . Campers explore a theme through a variety of mediums such as papier-mâché, ceramics, mosaic, painting, collage and more! Weather permitting campers may head outside for more art making, exploring and play. Be sure to pack a lunch, snacks and water bottle. Dress for mess, wear comfortable shoes and be ready for a most excellent day!

WHAT TO BRING: lunch, snacks, water bottle, and appropriate clothes for playing outside

See for list of 2019/2020 dates. 

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