Activities for Kids & Adults Info

Resources on how you can stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally while we are navigating these  difficult times.  See our Kid and Adult activities listed below:

Workout, de-stress and stay healthy in the comfort of your home!

Adult Activities:

  1. Fitness Classes from the staff of the Recreation Department, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along!
    Healthy Smoothies recipes, HiiT Class or Yoga Shred with Tillie, Dancing with Candace, Core & More from Amy, a Silver Sneakers Cardio Dance class, recommended workouts and more! 
  2. The Name Workout with Amy 
  3. Towel Workout with Amy
  4. Meditation Dharma/Thoughts with Anne Byard 
  5. Sewing Projects from home by Tillie, coming soon.
  6. Virtually visit museums from around the world 
  7. LesMills is offering access to free workout videos online - 95 free workouts across 8 categories. 
  8. One for 1! The City of Aspen wants to bring you one positive piece of inspiration every day at 1p.m on their FaceBook Page.
  9. Try a Qigong Class (see video): is an internal kung fu that emphasizes breath and the holistic integration of body movements. It is the basis of tai chi and other "soft style" martial arts. It is a safe and effective form of meditative exercise suitable for all ages and abilities. Qigong has been a part of Chinese medicine for over 6,000 years; its benefits include: rehabilitating injuries, reducing stress, improving balance, and improving strength & flexibility. It is a perfect compliment for high impact activities.
  10. Stay fit for the ice: 15-minute Hockey Workout or Off Ice Figure Skating Jumps (see to the right)
  11. Free online Yoga Classes by Adriene, click here.
  12. Get out and walk, run or ride your bike, maintain social distancing - 6ft apart, fresh air is great for the whole family.

Adult Activities for Kids & Adults Videos

Aspen Recreation Department YouTube Playlist: Fitness Classes, Dance and more!
Watch a collection of videos from our staff and around the web to help engage and entertain. Subscribe to our channel and stay up to date on the videos we add.
Qigong Class 1 - with Cotter Kelsey
See Class 2 on our YouTube Channel!
Gentle Strength and Balance with Linda
15-Mintue Off Ice Hockey Training
OFF ICE Figure Skating Jumps!
Silver Sneakers - Cardio Dance