News & Construction Updates

Site Construction has begun once again this Spring and will remain under construction until the Fall of 2013.   Building construction for a public restroom building and irrigation pump house began April 1, 2013.

Due to this construction, a portion of the Rio Grande Trail within the park must be closed for the remainder of the summer of 2013.  See detour map below.  The alternate route using the John Denver Sanctuary Trail is now open as the main detour for the Rio Grande Trail users.


Starting September 5, 2012:

The final phase of environmental enhancements at Rio Grande Park will integrate storm water conveyance and ponds adjacent to the Roaring Fork River. Other enhancements to the park will include improvements along North Mill Street, which will also improve storm water quality and overall pedestrian interaction with the park.

The City of Aspen has made a strong commitment to environmental initiatives, including managing storm water. The completion of environmental enhancements on the western edge of Rio Grande Park will enable storm water originating in the 'Central Drainage' area of Aspen to be treated at a similar quality level as storm water originating in the 'East Drainage' that passes through Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. Pedestrian linkages through the park and on the western edge of the park adjacent to North Mill Street will be significantly enhanced with this project.

As a result of the new construction there will be trail closures through Rio Grande Park during this period of time. Please be aware of these temporary closures which will be shown on the detour map adjacent to the closure area. Thank you for your patience and awareness during this time of construction.

The construction activity you see is the implementation of the following:

Construction of wetland and pond improvements are designed to utilize existing park area to provide water quality improvements before stormwater reaches the Roaring Fork River. These wetland and other park improvements will significantly improve water quality, wildlife habitat, passive recreation opportunities in the greater park,
and John Denver Sanctuary.

Realignment of trail within the park including two (2) new pedestrian bridges;

Public restroom building integrating a compostable toilet system and other
sustainable technologies;

Extensive perennial flower gardens within John Denver Sanctuary. The gardens will be significantly larger in scale than any other public park within the Aspen Parks network. (COMPLETED JUNE 2012)

Improvements are being constructed in two phases, with phase 1 improvements scheduled to be complete by late June 2012. Phase 2 work will include remaining stormwater ponds, pedestrian bridges, trial realignment, restroom building and gardens. Phase 2 is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2013

Click Here for the Site Plan

Bob Helm Bridge:

The new bridge has been installed as of 12/31/12. Some minor trail work needs to be done for the project to be 100% complete.

Currently, the existing bridge is failing due to damage to one of the existing abutments. The new bridge will utilize replacement abutments or caissons to regain the integrity of the bridge landing. The bridge will need to span Maroon Creek without supplemental piers or pylons.

The primary goals of the project are to:

Remove the existing Bob Helm Bridge;Design a new bridge that will match the character of the old Bob Helm Bridge;Construct and install the new bridge.

New Bridge - Current Conditions 1/7/2013

Aspen Golf Course: New Pitching Facility & Improved Driving Range Tee Area

The City of Aspen Parks Department has been given the opportunity, through private donation, to enhance the current conditions of the Aspen Golf Club’s practice facility. The desire for improvements was brought forward early this spring of 2012. Soon after, conceptual design started on a pitching / sand bunker practice area on the west side of the driving range adjacent to the Chatfield Trail. This area includes: a small pitching green, three types of sand bunkers, a turf fairway leading up to the green from the existing chipping green, and a large native landscape berm on the surrounding the pitching area mainly for protection from the players hitting on the driving range. Furthermore, the landscape berms potentially protect the trail users on Chatfield Trail from less than proficient golf shots. This new practice facility fills a much needed void for the top rated Aspen Golf Club. Since its existence golfers have not been able to practice shots out of the sand or hitting a long shot out of a fairway bunker. This area will greatly enhance the courses practice facility, while improving its excellence as one of the top municipal golf courses in the nation. This is currently under construction and will be completed this spring 2013.

Another part of this project includes the reconstruction of the driving range tee area. The current size of the existing tee area does not provide sufficient space to retain a favorable hitting surface due to constant usage. At its current size it does not allow enough time to let the turf to regenerate fully to re-use before golfers use the area again for practice. Consequently the entire driving range tee ends up being in less than favorable conditions during most of the golf season. Due to these ongoing maintenance issues, the Parks Department along with the Aspen Golf Club staff has found the need to increase the size of the driving range tees by roughly 50% in size. The actual foot print of the tee area will not increase substantially. The design intent was to create one larger single driving range tee by combining the existing double tiered tee hitting areas. This utilizes the space between the tees, as hitting areas, creating a more sustainable site for users and staff. This portion of the project has been completed.

Hunter Creek Trail Extension Project:

Project Up-Date: Spring 2013

Project is 95% complete. The bridge has been installed and minor trail work needs to be done for the project to be 100% complete.

This four foot wide pedestrian trail creates a seamless route to and from the Rio Grande Trail / Hunter Creek Trail. This trail extension makes a safe simple way to travel between the two busiest trails in the City of Aspen. This link will also help visitors locate the usually hard to find Hunter Creek Trail head. The trail will travel from the Rio Grande Trail to Red Mountain Road where there will be extensive warning signals for pedestrian safety at that road crossing. From there the trail will essentially follow Hunter Creek until it links up with the existing Hunter Creek trail via pedestrian bridge, which will cross over Hunter Creek. Construction will start on this project the week of August 20, 2012.

Permit Number & Contractor Information - Click Here

Construction Map Click HereQuestions or Comments call: (970) - 429 - 2023


Galena Plaza/ Rio Grande Parking Garage Roof Replacement Project

For more information regarding this project, please click the graphic below:


Iselin Field Synthetic Turf Project -

The Iselin Field Synthetic Turf Project is the construction of a new synthetic infill athletic field to replace a natural turf field located at Iselin Field adjacent to the Aspen Recreation Center. The project is the result of analyses of all the City’s existing playing field areas, which have shown the existing available playing field areas are insufficient for the public’s desire of use. The retrofit to synthetic turf from natural turf grass will increase available playing field area. One (1) synthetic turf field can potentially handle the wear of nearly three (3) natural turf fields under Aspen’s growing conditions. A synthetic turf surface does not have the same constraints as a natural grass surface located at high altitude and as a result can be programmed for a much higher level of use. This synthetic turf field will be a premium quality monofilament synthetic infill turf system very similar to the high school field. It is designed to accommodate a high number of athletic events including high school boy’s lacrosse, high school girl’s lacrosse, high school baseball, high school soccer and high school football.

East of Aspen Trail II

The Scope of Work includes placement of an 8-foot wide paved pedestrian/bike trail along Highway 82 and a 6-foot wide crusher fines pedestrian/bike trail along Stillwater Drive that will connect Pitkin County's East of Aspen Trail to the City's sidewalk system in central Aspen. The completed trail will create a safe pedestrian corridor where one does not currently exist. More Information

East of Aspen Trail Site Plan | Pedestrian Bridge at Cooper Avenue | View North at Stillwater Drive and the Roaring Fork River | Ute Trail Connection at Crystal Lake and Salvation Ditch

Anderson Park -

In 1979, the Andersons subdivided their property into a two lot subdivision and sold Lot 2 to a private owner. In 1999, the City of Aspen acquired Lot 1 from the Anderson Family. The goal of the acquisition was to acquire the land for public use, fishing access and a possible trail connection along the river. Lot 2 significantly encroaches into the flat, useable portions of Lot 1 restricting public use of the space. Staff has worked with the private owner of Lot 2 to find a way to mitigate the impacts of the park on their property, and the impacts of future development of their property on the park space. The City’s Open Space and Trails Board determined that the best alternative to meet the goals of both parties is to adjust the lot lines of Lot 2 out of the park space in a manner that allows for the current owner of Lot 2 to develop his property and removes the impacts in the park. Simply put, this lot line adjustment will allow for the owner of Lot 2 to develop an area of Anderson Park that isn’t critical to park use and allow for the preservation and protection of the parks space for public use.

7th Street & W. Hallam Street / 7th Street & W. Bleeker Street Terminations -

The images below show the conceptual designs at both intersections, along with a conceptual graphic showing a perspective view at 7th Street & W. Hallam Street.

7th St. & West Hallam St. 7th St. & West Bleeker St.

Click Image to Enlarge Click Image to Enlarge

Rio Grande Recycle Center Improvement Project–

The scope of work includes asphalt paving to allow proper drainage into the sediment vault, creating efficient sweeping & snow removal of the site. Also, landscaping will be implemented to provide attractive visual screening of the area. Security cameras will also be installed, to prevent illegal dumping.

Asphalt Trail Overlays - Parks crews will be installing new asphalt on the following trails between September 20th -October 8th. Trail users can expect periodic trail closures and trail detours on the following trails: The Meadows Trail, Oklahoma Flats Trail, and the Gant Trail. Thank you for your patience during this time of trail improvements.

ABC Trail Concrete ReplacementProject - 750 linear feet of the damaged concrete trail is going to be removed & replaced. This section is located on the North side of Highway 82, between Stage Road & Harmony Road. - Click for Trail Detour Information

No Problem Joe Trail - A new soft surface single track that runs along the Roaring Fork River between Neale Ave. and East Hopkins Ave. More Information

Harmony Park - The Grand Opening of Harmony Park & ribbon cutting ceremony is to be held July 6, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. in Harmony Park at Burlingame. Come enjoy the celebration, refreshments will be served. Park Photos

Triangle Park Tot Lot Play Renovation - Triangle Park Tot Lot Renovation Project recently has been completed. New play equipment recently replaced a 19 year old similar play structure.


Smuggler Mountain Open Space Restoration - The Smuggler Mountain Open Space trail restoration process will continue throughout this summer. The restoration will consist of restoring old double track roads into single track trails. With the help of RFOV the planting of trees, shrubs, and implementing native seed into these areas will greatly improve user experience while maintaining a pristine landscape. Want to help? Saturday, August 28 from 8am-4pm is the time to help restore the beautiful environment with the Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteer’s. Contact 927-8241 to sign up.