Elementary Engineering

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General Info

Ages › Youth (4th - 8th Grade)
Dates › June 19 – June 23


Mondays › 9am - 12pm
Tuesdays › 9am - 12pm
Wednesdays › 9am - 12pm
Thursdays › 9am - 12pm
Fridays › 9am - 12pm


Program Fee › $129


Keith Bulicz
Phone › 970-920-5140

Additional Elementary Engineering Info

Using our unique LEGO® kits, students will creatively build and modify machines applying basic engineering principles. This is an integrated science and math class. Students will learn a variety of concepts and apply their acquired knowledge about gearing and gear ratios, simple machines, problem solving, and communication skills, throughout this class. This challenges students to incorporate the traits of an Engineer in a classroom setting. Includes a Culmination Event at the end of class. NOTE: Students do not get to bring home any of the Lego projects they create.