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The most challenging marathon you’ve never run

For many this will be the most challenging marathon they have “never” run. Why? Because it’s NEW! The inaugural Aspen Backcountry Marathon will be making its debut on August 27, 2011 and will showcase some of Aspen’s most coveted trails while challenging even the well trained athletes.

“Aspen has great triathlons, half marathons, and 5ks,” said Special Events Coordinator Sandra Doebler. “but the one race we were missing was a full marathon.” And this marathon is no exception. This scenic and anything but flat course (over 4000 feet in elevation gain!) gives runners a taste of the mountains and showcases the spectacular scenery of Aspen.
Marathon Route (portions of the race are subject to change)

· Wagner Park and up Smuggler and into Hunter Creek

· Up into the Four Corners area via Van Horn Park and Hobbit Trail

· Across and down Sunnyside Aspen City Limits

· Down Sunnyside onto Cemetary Lane

· Around the Aspen Golf Course via Homestake Road

· Down into the Maroon Creek Valley

· Out of Maroon Creek Valley by Tiehack

· Up Buttermilk via the Oregon Trail

· Returning to Tiehack via the Government Trail, Aspen City Limits/In-town

· Crossing the Tiehack bridge and onto the Moore Open Space

· Cross the Marolt Bridge and down Hopkins Avenue

· Into Koch Lumber Park via the Midland Trail

· Cross Aspen Mountain via the AJAX Trail

· AJAX Trail to Ute Avenue

· Back into downtown Aspen and Wagner Park.

For more information, go to Registration is available at (search “Aspen Marathon”). For more information, or to receive a sponsorship package, email Special Events Coordinator Sandra Doebler at

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